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Important Information on Body Acne

Body Acne
Many people, both teens and adults, are afflicted with acne, but out of those, many will also have body acne as well. Those who suffer from body acne may have breakouts all over their body, but primarily on their back, chest, and bottom. Like normal acne, body acne is believed to be caused by hormone fluctuations during the teenage years, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, as well as stress. Excessive perspiration as well as wearing tight clothing that traps wetness and heat against the skin can also be a cause. People who exercise or participate in sports are more prone to body acne due to the clothing they wear, i.e. spandex, as well as the perspiration caused from physical exertion. Sweat mixes with the body’s natural oils, leading to blocked pores, and we all know that blocked pores cause acne. To get your body acne under control, you should take the time to learn more about the causes of body acne, body acne treatment options, and how to prevent body acne from occurring in the first place.
You basically treat the acne on your body the same way you treat the acne on your face. You should shower at least once a day with a soap made from salicylic acid, and shower again after any kind of physical activity, since you will have a lot of perspiration build up on your skin. If you use an over the counter acne treatment product, be certain it contains Benzyl peroxide. Then, to prevent dry skin, use a light moisturizing lotion on areas that need it sparingly. You can spot treat pimples throughout the day, especially if they seem resistant to treatment. If no treatment seems to work after the first six weeks of use, then you should probably seek help from your physician, who can prescribe a more aggressive therapy, possibly even including oral antibiotics.

To prevent acne breakouts, you need to learn how to properly care for and cleanse your skin. You will need to exfoliate your skin everyday; to help prevent any bacteria build up, or oil and sweat that could clog pores, leading to acne. Make sure you wear clothing that is clean, and change as needed, to help prevent acne from worsening. Don’t wear tight fitting clothing, as this makes it easier for bacteria to grow. If you exercise and get sweaty, change clothes and shower promptly. You may also find it helpful to change your bed linens three or four times a week as well, especially if you tend to perspire a lot at night. Exercise on a regular basis, and drink water often, to help flush any toxins out of the body.
To treat your body acne, you need to develop a skin care regimen and stick to it. If you are slack, then you will likely have a breakout because of it. If you are unable to treat your body acne on your own, then you should talk to your doctor for help.

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Important Information on Body Acne
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