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How to deal with acne on your buttocks

acne on your buttocks
Those that are worried about acne on the buttocks should not worry, as it is not actually acne at all! Some growths can look like acne on the buttocks, with a red, swollen appearance and occasional soreness. However, it is not possible to have acne on the buttocks, as this region of the body does not produce enough oil for these pimples to be considered acne. Acne is generally confined to the face, chest, and back areas of the body. Outbreaks of what appears to be acne on the buttocks are usually caused by either inflamed hair follicles or boils, which are also called carbuncles.
Irritated hair follicles
On the buttocks are not considered acne, as the condition is called folliculitis. Sometimes, hair follicles become ingrown and inflamed, causing an area that appears to resemble acne. Tight clothing can rub continuously on an area of the buttocks, causing irritation to the tiny hair follicles, which leads to a breakout that resembles acne on the buttocks. The best way to deal with this condition is to avoid very tight clothing for a brief period of time, as the irritated hair follicles generally can heal up on their own.
Seek a dermatologist if it get worse

However, if the condition persists or seems to get worse, a visit to the dermatologist can help. He or she can prescribe a topical antibiotic that attacks the inflammation that appears to be acne on the buttocks, thus eliminating the outbreak. The dermatologist may also prescribe a benzoyl peroxide treatment to help dry the skin out so the inflamed area can heal. Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient frequently found in acne medications.
Boils or carbuncles on the buttocks are the result of folliculitis that gets out of control and starts to take on a deeper infection. These growths develop a pocket of infected fluid that can continue to expand and become more painful and sore if untreated. Again, a visit to the dermatologist can help. The physician will realize that this condition has gone beyond what appears to be acne on the buttocks and can work to lance or pierce the boil to drain the infected fluid. He or she may also give the patient an antibiotic to help fight the infection caused by the boil.
The best way to treat acne on the buttocks is to understand that it not really acne on the buttocks, but small or large infected areas caused by irritation.

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How to deal with acne on your buttocks
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