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Get Rid of Those Acne Scars

Get Rid of Those Acne Scars
Chances are if you suffered from acne during your teenage years, you have some scarring that you would love to get rid of. Some lucky folks won’t develop acne scars, but unfortunately, many do. Acne scars can greatly detract from one’s natural beauty, as well as impact your self esteem. You have three choices when it comes down to dealing with your acne scarring, you can do nothing and live with it, cover it up with makeup and concealer, or seek the help of a dermatologist. The dermatologist will talk with you about many different treatment options, from creams to surgery, and together you will decide what the best choice will be for your particular situation.
If you still have acne breakouts from time to time, you need to learn how to deal with the acne and lessen your risks of creating more scars. If you can prevent the acne from occurring, that is usually the best choice. It is often easier to prevent acne than it is to cure it or get rid of the scarring it caused. Develop a daily acne prevention routine, and stick to it. Your dermatologist can give you some helpful suggestions for this, as well as make recommendations for the best products to use.
There are many different types of acne scars, and the treatment methods vary greatly. Some scars can be treated by the dermatologist actually filling them in with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injected directly into the scar, which make it disappear. The only bad thing is that this is only a temporary fix, and must be repeated in order for the scar to be gone forever.

For deeper acne scars, the dermatologist may suggest you undergo what is known as punch excision. During this acne scar procedure, the scarred portion of the skin is removed, and then the incision closed using tiny stitches. You will still have a scar from the stitches, but it will be much less noticeable than the original acne scar was, and can easily be taken care of with some skin grafting procedures. The dermatologist will remove a small patch of skin from behind the ear, and use it to cover over the incision that was used to remove the acne scar, rather than use sutures.
For even deeper acne scars, the dermatologist will likely suggest a procedure referred to as punch elevation. A punch like tool is used to remove the scar, and then the skin that is underneath is brought to the surface and held in place with sutures. You will hardly be able to notice any remaining scars from the procedure, unless you really look for them.
In some cases, acne scars may be treated by using a laser to take off the top layers of skin, and then new layers of skin will grow in it’s place, with no visible scars at all remaining, either from the acne, or the treatment.
Your dermatologist will take the time to discuss your acne scarring treatment options, and together you will work out the best treatment plan for you.

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Get Rid of Those Acne Scars
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