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Different Types of Acne

Types of Acne
There are five or six different types of acne. Acne can range from a lower level below half of six and reach up to level 6 which can cause an ample amount of discomfort. The different types of treatments includes plenty of at home remedies. Mildly negative afflictions of acne still call for the use of over the counter medications. Lower side afflictions of acne include the terms black head, papules and pustules. Some of the mildly heavy afflictions of acne include the terms nodules and cysts. People frequently hear about their friends who have suffered from a cyst. Even though worse cases of acne can cause pain, they are fairly common to suffer from. Mild afflictions of acne include blackheads and white heads. Acne is all too common, and can appear overnight. When you have only one identifiable type of acne deposit on your face, it is known as a mild affliction. Small combinations of blackheads and white heads are known as a mild level affliction of acne. A slightly more damaging affliction of acne forms when there are too many blackheads and white heads. Papules and pustules can form on top of larger numbers of blackheads and white head. Papules and pustules are still a mild form of acne that can be treated with over the counter medications. Patients are supposed to see the doctor if over the counter medications will not take effect. Severe forms of acne include severe symptoms. Most of the body can get covered by acne. There are more severe treatments available for severe acne. Some of the treatments for severe acne can include operations. Doctors will have to operate and remove the debris left from your acne. Other terms a doctor may use when diagnosing your bad acne includes the term cyst. If a cyst forms, your doctor will have to operate to remove the puss under the skin.

Larger combinations of acne are known as more severe types of acne. Allowing acne to build up over time turns your acne into a severe case. Patients should get their acne taken care of before acne builds up and turns into a more complex problem.
The different types of acne can range from mild to severe cases. Over the counter medication can be used for mild cases. Over the counter medication can be used on top of doctor treatments given for severe acne. The doctor will have to operate on your acne if it grows painful and large. Acne can spread to other parts of the body and are no longer mild cases. Combinations of the different types of acne get classified as more severe cases, and single types of acne infliction are known as mild acne.

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Different Types of Acne
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