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Why Fat People Hate Going To Gym

Going To Gym
One of the most important things fat people need to do is to workout on a regular basis. After all only the right exercises and body weight can help someone who is overweight or obese, get in shape. But you will be surprised to know that fat people are actually the ones who hate going to gyms! And why is this, the case? Well, there apparently are quite a few reasons why fat people detest gyms. Keep reading to find more about them.
Most people who are fat or overweight did not get out of shape overnight. When you gain weight you do so gradually due to months and years of improper diet and lack of exercise. There may also be other reasons for weight gain, such as problems with the thyroid gland etc. But more often that not its lifestyle and diet that causes unnatural weight gain and makes people fat.
And what does a gym routine do to you? It basically ‘wakes and shakes’ you up! If you are fat and have a sedentary life to blame for it, a gym routine will challenge you with lots of activities every day, which you may not have done ever in your life. So, the body’s natural resistance to change kicks in and you simply do not want to break out of your comfort zone and exercise on a regular basis.

This feeling of resistance is even stronger if you are not too bothered about the fact that you are fat. In fact there are some people who do not even know the health risks associated with being overweight. So, you may think that gym workouts are too tiring and you can easily skip them. The reason you find gym workouts tiring is that you may be coming off a long period of inactivity and your extra weight makes it more difficult for you to move around with ease.
Moreover, it is a known fact that stamina and energy levels decrease with the continued accumulation of fat in your body. This means that you feel tired quite easily and simply cannot muster enough energy to complete your gym routine. Thus your dislike for the gym increases even further.
To top it off, if you have a trainer who pushes you hard (for your own good, obviously) you may dread every workout session rather than looking forward to it. Most fat people who hate gym feel that too much is being asked of them by their trainers. Little do they realize that it’s all part of their necessary training.
Then there may be the fact that you are intimidated by the gym environment. If you are odd one out in a room full of hunks and babes flaunting and toning their beach bodies, you are bound to feel out of place. Many fat people quit gym because they feel that they are being ‘stared at’ or are the butt of jokes. A strong inferiority complex is often the reason behind this feeling.
The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight you must try hard and shed your inhibitions. It’s tough, but you simply cannot hate the gym!

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Why Fat People Hate Going To Gym
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