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The Unhealthiest Jobs

Unhealthiest Jobs
To work, earn money and live is the common concept of life. We all need jobs to sustain the everyday needs of our family and ourselves. When we reach the stage of adulthood we come to realize how important it is to have a job. Sometimes the fear of losing it makes us think more of it than ourselves. However there are jobs that have the potential of destroying our healthy life, consuming most of our time and receiving less compensation for it. Listed below are the jobs found to be most unhealthy.
Construction Worker
Being in the field of construction requires higher physical work and patience as most of the time the location of work is changed. Some health and safety issues of a construction workers include, pain or injury from various physical works, working in awkward position and manual task done repeatedly.
Meter Reader
They are hired by to read water, gas or electricity consumptions in both commercial and residential areas. Their work includes driving on different locations, record s meter reading, and check for unlawful usage and inspect meters for defects. This is an underestimated and stressful work.
Painting works can contribute greater amount of stress on the body. The main duty of a painter is to apply paint and other decorative finishes to the exterior and interior surfaces of the building. They prepare surfaces to be painted and determine the materials needed. Painters can work at different places such as construction site, homes, etc.
This is a highly dangerous work but paid very low.

The welder who does welding experienced more stress due to the exposure of heat. The gas and fumes produce during the process is dangerous to your health. They can earn nice salary but after years working conditions becomes poor and employment demands decreases.
The job requires more physical demands and an extremely dangerous work but paid very low. Roustabout works in long period of time to maintain oil rigs and pipelines.
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
EMTs in Ambulance For any accidents they are the first one to be on the scene. They work long shift and are continuously experiencing high stress during serious situation yet receive a very small salary for a demanding and stressful job.

Like painters and welders, roofers do a highly dangerous work for a very low wage. They stop hiring for steady works recently over the years. The low hiring rate and physical labor if work is available contributes high level of stress.
Taxi Driver
Taxi drivers who face more stressful works such as dealing with difficult customers, weaving through traffics, warding off potential robbers and assault have low earnings. They work independently and pay their own gas and lose money after the work.

They are paid a little higher in terms of stress, physical requirements of the job and working environment than the lumberjacks. However the extremely poor demands for employment makes it the most stressful wok and it illustrates that the rate of unsteady employment is high.

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The Unhealthiest Jobs
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