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Natural Treatments For Infertility

Natural Treatments For Infertility
There are different causes to infertility that are slowly adding up as years progress. The usual remedy is heading to the doctors’ offices or other experts for consultation and examination. Contrary to what most people believe, infertility issues can both happen to men and women, which is why experts advise that both should start taking precautions the soonest possible time to avoid these complications. However, if the problem is inevitable, there are natural treatments for infertility that are widely acceptable today.
Problems on infertility usually arise when there is an over abundant intake of harmful substances such as caffeine, alcohol, drugs and narcotics. It does not only decrease the rate of you getting pregnant but it poses as a high risk factor for birth defects. This can happen to both men and women. Luckily, a number of natural treatments for in fertility have been developed for them.
Women should have taken at least 800 mcg to 4,000 mcg of folic acid a day during their child bearing years together with a good multivitamin to avoid the risks of birth defects during pregnancy. This can also increase one’s fertility when one is not yet pregnant as this helps regulate the body’s chemical balance to help with the conception.

Other natural treatments for infertility include having a proper diet to begin with. Try to avoid foods that are high in protein. High protein diets have been discovered to impair pregnancy and produce a less viable offspring. It is just as well important to have a balanced diet before, during and after pregnancy.
A healthy sex life should also be adequate. Couples should have sex 2 to 3 times a week to increase the chances of getting pregnant and not too often to reduce the sperm quality of the male. Take note of your own ovulation cycle and make sure to monitor both your temperatures in order to provide a healthy environment for daddy’s sperm. So far, I am pretty sure that among all the natural treatments for infertility, this will be something that you and your partner should enjoy.
Men also are presented with different natural treatments for infertility. It usually has something to do with his sperm count and motility. Men should be more conscious in taking in vitamins especially vitamin C. This can help protect the sperm from genetic damage. So, in order to cure infertility, men should at least take in 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily. Other vitamins are also necessary such B12.
Other vitamins and herbs that can increase sperm motility in men are available in the market and are backed up by medical research so you can be sure that you have safer options to select from. Ginko Biloba, Astralgus and even soy based products have been used as natural treatments for infertility.

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Natural Treatments For Infertility
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