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How To Concieve a Girl

Concieve a Girl
Pretty pink satin ribbons, ponies, and everything delightful always describe the joy it feels when you find out that you are blessed with a girl. This is the reason why a lot of people find ways and means in how to conceive a girl. However, conception of a female child has not reported to be an accurate practice as specialists say we can never really influence our child’s sex. Still, some parents, astrologers, scientists and even medical practitioners came up with some ways to help widen the possibility of including a baby girl in the family.
The Shettles method is a good method of explaining to couples who are wondering how to conceive a girl. Usually, it is explained that sperms containing Y-chromosomes move faster than sperms containing X - chromosomes. Thereby, couples should engage in sexual intercourse on a specific period, specifically from the day of a woman’s menstrual period until three days before the start of ovulation. Also, the missionary position is best advised since the sperm is deposited near the vaginal opening which gives time for the Y-containing chromosomes to speed up and charge down.

Another method, which was developed by a mother who was thinkingof ways on how to conceive a girl after 6 sons, is said to be effective. This is call O + 12 Method. Intercourse 12 hours after ovulation is said to work since she gave birth to her 7th child, a daughter. This is said to be based upon data and other selection of personal hypotheses.
If you are still trying to go about how to conceive a girl, you can opt to use a popular at-home technique mostly utilized by most couples. The Chinese conception chart has been used for over 700 years to date. The chart bases its assumptions on the calculation of the mother’s lunar age and the child’s month of conception using the Chinese lunar month. This is quite tricky as the lunar calculations can be off by several months, although, most people have attested that this technique can be 90% accurate.
Other people opt to believe that urban legends can provide them answers on how to conceive a girl. In actuality, there is really no concrete proof of any successful stories, but really, there’s no harm in trying. They say things like scheduling your love making during the even numbered days of the month can increase the probability of having a girl, this is true with making love in the afternoon, as well. Eating lots of fish and vegetables also may help out with your dilemma. The fun part of it all? It gives women the excuse to be aggressive since it is said that women who pounce on their partners are more likely to produce daughters.

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How To Concieve a Girl
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