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How To Concieve a Boy

Concieve a Boy
Trying to find out how to conceive a boy? Well, as explained by experts, there is always a 50/50 chance of having one since we really do not have control over the sex of our children. However, there are a lot of methods that might somehow increase the possibility of having to conceive a little boy blue. Experts and mothers agree since some have successfully experienced it and statistics would share how a 75% success rate is evident. It doesn’t hurt to take a look and try some yourself.
Some people who may be knowledgeable on the conception issue have proposed that the Ph level of a parent before conception may determine a child’s sex. This may be one of the more effective ways on how to conceive a boy. Following a specific diet in a span of a few weeks can do this. The ideal diet should be to eat more of salty foods, dairy, beans, corn, fish and red meats. You should also try avoiding acidic foods as this may hinder the boy-bearing sperm to thrive in your system. Also try to maintain a higher level of sugar intake and wider range of nutrients such as potassium, calcium and vitamins C, E and B12.

If you are thinking about how to conceive a boy real bad, then it’s about time for you to re assess your sexual positions with your partner. Over generations, people believe that positions may improve the possibilities of having a son. Usually, it is advised that a couple should have sexual intercourse with their heads pointing to the north and the woman should sleep on the left. As scientific theories developed, so has the means of positioning. It is explained that the entrance to the vagina is an acidic environment that might affect the life of a male sperm which carries the Y-chromosome. Therefore, it is recommended that couples should opt to do it in through the rear rather than in the missionary position for deeper penetration.
The fathers should also be particular with what type of underwear they are sporting. They should remember that sperms can not tolerate excessive heat therefore, the daddies are advised to wear boxers for a while to keep the testicles cool and give the sperm sometime to cool. It is quite an amusing tactic on how to conceive a boy but more often than not, it works. Sometime, you even need to keep an ice pack on.
Other ways on how to conceive a boy include caffeine and guaifenesin, or otherwise known as coffee and cough syrup. The father should be able to take in a strong cup of coffee just before intercourse. The reality is, this method is quite tricky, as they do not know why this actually works. Other people claim that if women take in a dose of cough syrup before intercourse, she would likely conceive a male child. This is because the medicine works in thinning the cervical mucous and makes the conception easier for the sperm.

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How To Concieve a Boy
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