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The Dangers of High Heels Shoes

The Dangers of High Heels Shoes
Over the years women have considered high heeled shoes as significant accessories. There are others who even spent thousands of dollars just to secure signature high heeled shoes. These shoes are ultimately sexy, they make the legs look slimmer and boost confidence and feminism. However, apart from their useful features they are also putting at your feet at risk with continuous and prolonged use.
What’s the risk with high heeled shoes?
With high heeled shoes, the posture is forced to change into an unnatural position which creates stress on the joints when you wear high heeled shoes. The spine is eventually bent as it forms an “s” when you are wearing heels with chest and lower back pushed forward and the hips backward. The muscles that support the lower back can become stressed and painful. It has been found that the spine’s natural alignment changes and the nerves may feel pain, tingling and numbness when you wear high heeled shoes.
The changes in posture will affect the stability in walking and would result to ankle sprains. An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle is twisted affecting the ligament that connects the foot and leg bones to stabilize the ankle. If the heel shifts outward an abrupt twist will occur causing to sprain the ligaments. What’s worse is that the ankle could possibly be fractured, this is when a ligament pulls a bone off or maybe a bone would break if a tendon is pulled.

Putting your feet in high heeled shoes would cause more problems on your feet. When wearing such shoes, the whole body weight is carried by the balls of your foot. This is very dangerous for overweight individuals as they need to put more pressure onto the balls of their feet when wearing. This will develop pain and nerve malfunctions and the toes might be deformed with the condition such as like bunions of hammer toes.
There was evidence that showed wearing the shoes all the time may affect your mental health. It was said that it can constrict blood vessels and nerve supply that connects the brain. Statistic shows that approximately $3.5 billion was spent for a woman’s foot surgery annually in the United States which caused them to lose 15 million working days yearly. This amazing statistic is worth thinking whether the pain is worth the fashion. Women are always complaining about the pain in wearing heeled shoes but they never stop anyway despite the doctors’ warnings on the dangers they will bring to their feet.

High heeled shoes are truly appreciated by women because they are cute, narrow and contoured to make the foot look slender. There are many associated problems with wearing high heeled shoes but most women just simply ignore them. It is not necessary for you to stop wearing high heels but you must limit it only for special occasions. If you choose the shoes you will wear just make sure they fit you and you will feel comfortable using them.

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The Dangers of High Heels Shoes
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