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Smoking and Women’s Health - Girls Smoking

Smoking and Women’s Health
There are a lot of reasons that women should not smoke.  The list could go on forever.  If you are looking for a convincing reason to quit though, here are some things that might help.  These are some of the top reasons that as a woman you should give up smoking now, rather than later.
It’s Unattractive
You might think that smoking helps you to lose weight, though it actually just greatly retards your metabolism temporarily.  The truth is for the little bit of weight that smoking might keep you from gaining, it does far more harm to your vanity.

For starters smoking makes your teeth and nails yellow and extremely unattractive.  Your hands will always smell like smoke and so will your hair, and to those who don’t smoke it really stinks.
Smoking also causes your skin to wrinkle and age must faster.  It makes your hair appear more dull and lifeless than it would without cigarettes.
It Can Kill You
Smoking is linked to emphysema, heart problems, lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, cancer of the throat, and many more severe chronic illnesses that you probably don’t ever want to experience. Smoking is one of the number one causes of death in the United States and it has claimed the lives of millions.  By smoking you are putting yourself at risk for a very long painful death.
The Effect on Your Children
Women who smoke cigarettes often have a hard time quitting when they find out they are pregnant.  Many do not quit at all.  Though you may know someone who had a child that seemed perfectly healthy after nine months, do not use them as your role model.
For one thing children who are born to mothers who smoke have lower IQs on average than children born to parents who don’t smoke.  This is something that might not be obvious when a smoking friend brings a bouncing baby home from the hospital.
Children who are born to mothers who smoke are also at a much higher risk of being premature or suffering from birth defects. These children are also more likely to get chronic ear infections and suffer from asthma.
Do not think for a second that you are only hurting yourself while smoking during pregnancy.  The smoke that you inhale does infiltrate the womb; it fills your body with hundreds of chemical toxins. Many of these toxins enter your blood stream and the umbilical cord through which you are feeding your child.
What’s more is that children who have a parent who smokes are far more likely to smoke themselves when they get older.  In fact there is a good chance that the first cigarette your child smokes will come from your pack.

Smoking also has an effect on the fertility of both men and women.  It can greatly reduce fertility and possibly prevent you from ever getting to the point where smoking during pregnancy is an issue.  Though you might not want to have children now there is a good chance that you will in the future so this is something very important to consider.
Smoking is expensive.  Depending on how bad your habit is and what brand of cigarette you smoke you could be spending hundreds of dollars a month on cigarettes.  That is money that I bet you would rather be spending on clothes, shoes, your favorite hobby, anything other than a self-destructive cigarette.

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Smoking and Women’s Health - Girls Smoking
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