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Should Pregnant Women Get The Flu Shot

Should Pregnant Women Get The Flu Shot
Pregnancy completes womanhood, this is the reason why would be moms are so careful and concerned upon knowing that they are having a baby. There were times that mother’s can’t help to be worried especially if every where she goes, she heard that someone has a flu. What if she gets the virus?  Can she protect her baby if she will have a flu shot? Will her baby be affected?
The good news is yes, she can have the flu shot even if she is carrying her baby and no, her baby won’t be affected if she will have the flu shot. Actually, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends all pregnant women to have the flu shot. In line with this, they cite in their journal the evidence on the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. In short, the flu shot for pregnant women is safe and it can save the life of your baby. The flu shot protects both the mother and the baby.

Since flu vaccines are not recommended for new born babies up to the six months, if the mother got the flu vaccine, the baby can acquire the protective antibodies from the mother’s breast milk. In the event that you did not have flu shot and catch any kind of flu while pregnant, there is a great chance of complications like preterm labor and pneumonia. With these complications, you and your baby may be put at risk. You will be protected from three strains of flue which includes the H1N1 or swine flu.
Furthermore, if you had your flu shot while you are pregnant, it will give your child protection from the flu virus even after birth. He will receive the same antibodies you have when you were pregnant. This only means that when you are immune to flue, your new baby has less exposure to the flu virus. If a mother is not vaccinated, the newborn will be susceptible to flu because the baby does not have the protective immunity she should get from her mother who had the flu vaccine. The risk for babies on getting infected is high.
Getting yourself the flu shot will surely protect your baby from the virus before the baby reaches the age of six months old. You need to have the flu shot even if you had one from the previous year because every year, different strains of flu appear. However, you should only get the inactivated or killed vaccine and not the nasal-spray flu vaccine.

Though flu shot has mercury based preservative thimerosal, it does not in any way increase the percentage of babies with autism. This does not mean that they should not get the shots with preservative however, you can always ask for the thimerosal-free alternatives.
Mothers are undeniably concerned about the health of their babies’ even while in their womb. The safety and effectiveness of the flu shot is very encouraging which makes it important to get the flu shot while pregnant.

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Should Pregnant Women Get The Flu Shot
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