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Getting Pregnant After 40

Getting Pregnant After 40
It is a fact that most women find it difficult getting pregnant after 40 years old. The odds are lower than the few years in their prime. The risks involved would also be higher, not only for the mother, but most especially for the child. Still, there are a number of mothers getting pregnant at 40 or even 40 plus! Others do it with the help of fertility treatment while others just wait patiently for a miracle to happen. There are, in fact, good things that await those who wait.
Getting pregnant after 40 doesn’t seem so bad. In fact, there are some advantages to waiting a while before deciding to become a parent. Since you have a lot more experience in seeing the world and knowing your partner for sometime, you are more than ready to accept the full responsibility of becoming full-fledged parents. You are emotionally, psychologically and financially stable enough to support the soon to be joy in your life. Older parents are considered wiser by many experts in terms of deciding on what’s best for their children and are more focused on their well being. They are keener on having a healthier lifestyle for their kids, as well themselves and provide a stable future for their kids’ education.

The downside to every story is not as colorful as the perks. The longer you put off being pregnant, the harder is to conceive in the long run. A woman would find it hard getting pregnant after 40 mainly because the rate of production of her eggs has already begun to slow down and the one, which are produced, are more likely to have problems that pose a risk for birth defects and miscarriage. At this age, you are also prone to serious medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure which can complicate your pregnancy.
Men are also not safe from this presumption, as their age would also pose as a threat for conception. If a couple plans on getting pregnant after 40, a woman’s age that is, it still falls on a male’s capacity to provide healthy sperms. However, a woman’s partner is well beyond 60 or 70, their sperm quality begins to deteriorate and may pose a risk of producing children with birth defects.
Women who are decided on getting pregnant after 40 should know that stress plays a significant role in conception therefore, avoid it as much as possible. It also helps to drink a moderate amount of folic acid supplements and other vitamins. There are various techniques available to women who wish to alter the fate of their fertility. This is all thanks to today’s technological advancements. One is by having a donor egg implanted on your own reproductive system. This is another alternative to the more usual in vitro fertilization. Just make sure you consult your doctor before having any procedures done.

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Getting Pregnant After 40
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