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Breastfeeding Information - Breastfeeding Health Benefits

Breastfeeding Health Benefits
Breast milk is the best kind of milk for your baby. Babies were born to be breastfed because it is the only reason women have breasts. Some of the benefits breastfeeding has for your baby are:
Provides nutrients for the best physical and mental development.
Fights infections
Protects against gastrointestinal trouble, respiratory problems, and ear infections
Develop a healthy immune system
Helps to protect against baby developing allergies
Higher IQ

Breast milk is full of antibodies and nutrients which can help your baby resist infections and develop healthy immune systems. Studies have shown that babies that are breast fed for at least six months are less likely to develop ear infections, diarrhea and respiratory illnesses. Apparently this protection can last well into adolescence. Also tests have proven that babies that are breast fed develop a higher IQ than those bottle fed. This is due partly due to the close bonding between mother and child, but also the fatty acids in breast milk may play the biggest role in a baby's brain development.
It is not just the baby that gets all the benefits as breast feeding also has benefits for the new mum:
Helps bonding between mother and child
Mothers are healthier, with less risk of ovarian and breast cancer
Convenient feeding, no need for preparing bottles and milk
Save on food and health care costs
Uses less energy and waste
Helps you loose weight
Reduces stress
Bonding with a new born comes naturally to some mums and not for others. Breastfeeding helps the process because of the close nature of breast feeding.
Mothers that breast feed are a lot healthier and manage to lose their baby weight a lot quicker giving the mother added confidence. It can also reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancers.
Breastfeeding is a look more convenient than bottle feeding. With bottle feeding comes a lot of cleaning, sterilizing, and making milk up with the correct measurements’. There is also the added expanse of buying all the milk. Going out becomes a real chore ensure you have milk and everything else that goes with a new born.  Breast milk is available at all times.  It is the perfect temperature and ready for your baby any time.  

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Breastfeeding Information - Breastfeeding Health Benefits
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