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Best foods weight loss

Best foods weight loss
Tips and recipes of diet became omnipresent. The era of open space and internet services have made any woman get any recipe and diet easily. But we must be aware that Splenda multiple systems and we must choose the appropriate system for each age and also do not forget health status. The applied systems diet at the age of twenty do not quite fit when you reach thirty and then forty .. etc.

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* Twenties Stage : The dominant feature in their twenties, the body begins to store fat. At this stage, the Sunni body begins to store fat actually.Maintaining the habits acquired during the study period, such as eating the first meal after the second noon would gain weight. While supposed to eat every 3 or 4 hours to activate metabolism. Better health dispensed white starches and replace them with whole grains with some of the protein in breakfast to get sustainable energy throughout the day. It is likely to be also used to have a coffee and energy drinks heavily during exams to increase your ability to focus, the fact that having a lot of them raise the proportion of caffeine in the blood and reduces the absorption of calcium and thus of bone density.

* Thirties Stage: Parameters of aging emerge start at this stage including the difficulty of losing weight or even maintain it. Loss of essential nutrients during pregnancy may lead over time to the weakness in the process of metabolism.It is supposed to compensate for this shortfall during this phase Sunni eating foods rich in good fats in moderation, such as almonds, walnuts and olives. To speed up the fat burning process also, you can have a cup of green tea or some chili. Eating fish also useful because it needs more calories to digest compared to carbohydrates and meat.

* Forties Stage : In the forties stage,eat vegetables in abundance. With approaching menopause or completely interrupted, reduced the level of estrogen in the body and this makes you more prone to water retention. Avoid eating a large amount of carbohydrates that stick to water and replace it with fiber-rich vegetables. Low estrogen also affects the elasticity of the skin, so you should stay away from harsh diets that may lead to a sudden loss of weight and sagging skin are difficult to reconcile.

*  Fifties Stage : In this stage, the risk of cardiovascular disease in women is high, particularly as menstruation have been completely cut off. Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin B and the Omega 3 such as fish, soy and broccoli this helps a lot to protect the heart. Also , at this stage the risk of breast cancer rises and since it often associated with obesity, preferably at the beginning of this stage to stay away from saturated fat cuisine. Aging may also lead to a weakened immune system, therefore you should eat foods rich in antioxidants such as salmon and berries as well as supplements of vitamin D is from wonderful solutions to maintain the strength of the immune.Red pepper and ginger are of the best foods that help alleviate the pains of  joints.

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Best foods weight loss
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