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Best Diet Lose Weight Fast

Best Diet Lose Weight Fast
Who among us does not dream with slim and athletic body? It’s everyone’s dream, without exception, especially women. Women are more interested in
gracefully ideal body weight than men . They believe that slim body gives a sense of larger thin and femininity. Also the case of the body of agility and obesity affect the mental state of the person and may also affect the humanitarian relations with others. This trend makes us  recognize the importance of the human body to be graceful, healthy and strong.
Fat burning process and the calorie consumption by the body through a break down of fat stored to its basic compounds to get energy for its functions. The body burns the bulk of calories during the performance of basic functions such as digestion, breathing and thinking … Etc.. So the body needs extra energy to move muscles during various activities. Of course, bodys  consumption of energy differ from one person to another according to his activity and lifestyle.

There are multiple factors that determine the speed of fat burning.Among the most important factors are body size, sex, age, level of activity, climate and body temperature.There is a fact the rate of consumption of calories in men is more than women,  young people more than adults and also the genetic factors affect that process. So a person gains overweight in the case if there is an increase in the number of calories derived than what the body consumes. This difference between the two processes leads to the accumulation of excess pounds for normal weight of the body.
Diet and reduce the size of caloric that person intakes is not going to solve the problem of excess weight .The body has a limit of essential needs in order to perform its functions in case of decrease of the amount of calories needed  sometimes leads to lethargy and muscle atrophy. Then what is the solution? The solution is to speed up the metabolism to burn more calories and thus avoid turning excess calories to an increase in weight. Now it’s the time to review this effective means:
1 – EXERCISE: exercise contributes to accelerate the metabolism and thus burn more fat. There are many forms of exercise that suits everyone of all ages, such as walking, jogging, cycling … Etc.. The exercise of one of these sports for 20: 30 minutes a day leads to rapid burning of fat even after the completion of the exercise.
2 – EAT SMALL MEALS A DAY: There is a scientific fact that digest proteins consumes more energy to digest carbohydrates and fats by 18%. According to that truth, it is necessary to increase the protein foods in daily meals. A person can do so by eating beans, nuts and fish. You should not be eating too much protein in order to avoid the problems of the liver, kidneys and  allocating 15% of proteins is very good.
3 – HOT PEPPERS AND SPICES: pepper and warm spices contains Alcabcisan material a substance that can burn calories quickly. Alcabcisan lead to rapid heartbeat and speed up the process of calorie consumption by 50%
4 – GREEN TEA: Green tea is very beneficial for public health because it is an antioxidant and strengthens the body’s immunity. Of course people who drink green tea burn a larger amount of calories than others. Drinking 4 cups of green tea is enough throughout the day.
5 – CAFFEINE: coffee increases the rate of calorie consumption by 30%.The effect of coffee xtends in burning fat for 3: 4 hours after drinking it.
6 – COLD FOODS AND DRINKS: Cold foods and  drinks forcing the body to burn more calories and fat. The body performs this process to maintain its normal temperature.
Finally, the balance in everything is important and necessary. Do not make the  the idea of ??rapid weight loss becomes a negative factor on your activity and vitality. If you follow the above steps, I guarantee you a quick positive results. What presented to you is a compendium of practical experiences and research that have proved scientific and practical success .

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Best Diet Lose Weight Fast
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