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Adult Acne Treatment Step One - Acne Home Remedies

Adult Acne Treatment
Even though the most easily identifiable group of acne sufferers are teenagers, for many people frequently outbreaks of acne can continue in their adult lives.
The effects of the condition in the areas of social and professional relationships can be far more damaging than any physical aspect.
If you are suffering from acne outbreaks in your adult years, your main concern should not be how to treat any existing outbreak of acne.

This is very much like closing the gate after the horse has bolted. Your key focus should be on the cause of the condition but not the symptoms.
Unfortunately the majority of adult acne treatment advice still leans towards this treatment of acne as a skin condition rather than an indication that there is something else wrong internally with the body.
These adult acne treatments take the form of various lotions, creams or other skin applications and while they may assist in the relief of an existing outbreak or even reduce the healing time of acne, they do not address the actual cause.
Strangely enough, many of those who sell these products openly agree that acne is somehow triggered by hormonal imbalances or diet.
Yet their adult acne treatment products do not address this in any way.
The exception to this is the medical profession who on the one hand agree with the hormonal acne concept, yet on the other hand only address it by trying to artificially “re-balance” the hormone levels.
This again displays the tendency towards treating acne symptoms instead of finding and eliminating the cause.
The real causes of adult acne can be generally placed into three categories, however the real problem is trying to work out which one is the cause of your acne.

The Real Cause Of Adult Acne

  • ·         Diet
  • ·         Lifestyle
  • ·         Hormones
The real problem is that none of these factors operates totally independent of the others. They can each influence the other to a greater or lesser degree and the way in which it is occurring is completely individual to you and your acne situation.

This is the real reason it can be difficult to prevent acne from occurring in the first place.

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Adult Acne Treatment Step One - Acne Home Remedies
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