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Medifast Diet Plan

Medifast is a rapid weight loss program in which the participant will be utilizing meal alternatives and real foods. This will help determined individuals in understanding the pitfalls of dieting and how to avoid them. This can also provide tools and prepared meals that help a person to lose weight properly. The program is customized for diabetics, men and women. Specific guidelines are given to nursing mothers, teens, seniors, those who have done bariatric surgery and patients with gout who wish to get involved in the program. Nutritionally balanced food, portion controlled, low-fat meals, drinks and snacks are included in the plan.
Medifast – Nutritional Philosophy
Medifast is not only designed for an individual to lose weight but also to give a new healthy way of living. For beginners, the initial program set is the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan wherein the person will eat only 5 Medifast prepared meal and a green lean self prepared meal every day. The offered meals will depend on your lifestyle whether you need standard, for women, men, meatless, diabetic and exerciser.
All these plans are created to set your body into ketosis, a state of increasing fat burning process to achieve your goal quickly. You will be losing 2-5 pounds per week as typical results of the plan. These results are attainable given the low calorie meals provided by the program.

The Medifast website is giving a lot of benefits including package deals for buying the drinks and meals available as well as enrollment programs. You can also sign up for a free session with a mentor who will be guiding you throughout the plan.
Getting Started
More people chose to start the program with the Mediplaast 5 & 1 Plan. Medifast meals are low fat and have a low glycemic index which is also safe for diabetic individuals. These can be ordered online where you can choose over 70 different types of foods and flavors and you can pick up some which has special price or may take your own favorite food. The 5 of your 6 daily meals would only cost you $11 a day. Medifast was designed by a physician who understands the right way of losing weight and has been highly recommended by over 20,000 doctors.

Start out the plan by eating 6 times a day, once every two to three hours. This will set your body in burning your fats slowly and losing weight safely without missing any nutritional values from food. You take 5 Medifast meals, 1 self prepared lean and green meal which consists of a portion of lean meat and cup vegetables that are non-starchy. You have to eat every 2-3 hours accompanied by 64oz of water per day. This type of plan is easy to follow and there is no need for you to guess or count the calories, carbohydrates and points in your food. Medifast meals are nutritional foods prepared ready right out of the package. This is the best healthy weight loss plan for individuals with busy life style.

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Medifast Diet Plan
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