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How to Stop Excessive Sweating

The process of sweating is a normal body function. When our body feels too much heat, it releases water through our skin to make it cool and light. Sweating takes place throughout the year, but it happens mostly in the summer season. How to stop excessive sweating in the summer is always a question of vital importance for all of us. The sweat also has foul smell in it; this smell makes the person standing near us uneasy. It also lowers the self-confidence of a person.
There is a disorder related to excessive sweating known as Hyperhidrosis. The person suffering from this disorder makes more sweat than a normal person. In this disease the person’s foot or soles produce more sweat than normal human beings. This problem is found in 1% of human population. In case you are suffering from this problem seeking the help of a physician is quite handy. But one can keep certain tips or suggestion in mind to get rid of this problem. Given below are a few tips to prevent excessive sweating:
Drink plenty of water daily to prevent excessive sweating.  The human body is made up of more than70% of water. The water flushes out toxins and harmful toxins from our body. Water improves overall metabolism of the human body also.
One should try to remain calm and composed. As stress also induces sweat formation.
The intake of caffeine also promotes sweating formation. So we should reduce the caffeine intake in our daily diet.
Taking the help of acupuncture therapy is also useful for preventing excessive sweating. The acupuncture targets certain parts of our body and prevents excessive sweat formation.
Undertaking Yoga classes can also work wonders for lowering sweat formation in our body. The Yoga exercise makes the person calm and composed and prevents excessive sweat formation.
Avoid using deodorant as these induce bacterial growth in human skin. The deodorant makes the human skin prone to infection and foul order.
Having a cold shower along with anti-bacterial soap also prevents unwanted sweat formation in human skin.
Hot baths should not be taken as warm water increases the sweat formation in the human body.
Intake of herbal tea also prevents unwanted sweat formation in the human body.

Placing feet into hot tea bags also lowers down the sweat formation considerably in the human body.
Consumption of alcohol and tobacco products should be avoided as it slows down the blood circulation in the human body and thus encourages sweat formation.
Eating spicy, chilly and food products containing harmful chemicals should also be avoided as these products enhance the sweat formation. Especially the overweight individuals should avoid these food stuffs as it promotes sweating formation in their body.
Taking a diet which contains less or no vitamin B complex also results in excessive sweat formation. Vitamin B Complex prevents formation of toxic products in the human body thus preventing excessive sweating.

Shaving off the underarm or areas with hair growth also lowers down excessive sweat formation in our body.
Avoid wearing nylon clothes as these clothes do not allow the air to go into our body.

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How to Stop Excessive Sweating
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