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How to Stimulate Hair Growth

The majority of persons are looking for opportunities to grow longer, stronger and fuller hair. Although the hair grows to an average of one-half inch every month, the rate of growth depends on several factors including the overall health, genetics and level of care given to the hair. The market is flooded with drugs progressed as having the capability of advancing hair growth. Nevertheless, a home care remedy is often cheaper and safer for the majority of persons.
A practical home care remedy:
Massage the scalp: This can be used to stimulate the scalp. Massaging helps the blood to circulate readily. The flow of blood helps in delivering nutrients to hair follicles in order to enhance hair growth. Massaging the scalp also helps in relaxing the neck muscles and head.  By bending over the waist, spread your figures over the head. Gently and in circular motions message your scalp for 1-minute daily.
Brush the hair: If performed properly, brushing the hair offers benefits without having to damage the hair or scalp. Brushing stimulates the production of natural oil on the scalp, which helps in lubricating the hair/scalp. This is particularly useful for dry hair that requires more oil to lubricate. Oily hair can on the other hand become too greasy when brushing is done too often. A boar hair-brush and other natural fibers are particularly useful; they are gentle and soft on the scalp and hair. It is also advisable to brush hair that has been dried as oppose to wet hair. Wet hair is often too fragile to be subjected to brushing. Furthermore, the best technique of brushing hair starts from the tip, moving to the scalp. You can brush the hair as often as possible, but when you notice excess breakage, you can consider reducing the time spent on brushing.

Use essential oils: Most of the essential oils available in major health food stores or online can help invigorate or stimulate the hair. Some of the herbal remedies that can be useful in stimulating the hair include rosemary leaf, lavender, lemon, basil and nettle oils. Apply small drops of oil on the scalp and massage over the scalp & hair. Leave the oil overnight and wash it out come the next morning. The oil often offers a tingling sensation.

Keep hair & scalp clean: Washing the hair regularly i.e. after three days removes built-up oil residue, dirt and debris. Washing hair also plays an important role in massaging and stimulating the scalp in order to enhance new hair growth. Shampooing also helps to clean clogged pores that are responsible for inhibiting hair growth. Furthermore, use conditioner for greasy hair. The conditioner removes excess oil from the oil and helps in shampooing without leaving the hair dry.  Shampoos and conditioners designed to work together offer a typical pH balance that is recommended for the hair/ scalp.
Adapt healthy eating habits: What you take in the form of food and beverage has a bearing to your overall health including your hair/scalp. It is therefore advisable to eat healthy and drink at least 8-glasses of water daily. When you eat healthy and sustain the level of hydration in your body, the hair/scalp benefits a lot just as much as the rest of the body.

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How to Stimulate Hair Growth
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