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How to get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an indispensable part of our life. Good night sleep relaxes us and makes us feel refreshed and healthy. The sleep is a part of the human body’s cycle. Human works at daytime and sleep at night. In case one does not sleep sufficient time at night he or she falls ill. How to get a good night’s sleep is a very important question as everyone out of three person faces the problem of insomnia in her or his life. Some other people face the problem of oversleeping due to faulty lifestyle.
Following points need to be kept in mind for proper sleep:
We should never sleep too much. One should wake up early and sleep early at night. We can set our sleeping cycle according to our requirements if we make a firm decision. Although for some days we will find it difficult to wake up early in the morning. But once we set our sleeping pattern we will not face any difficulty later on.
We should do physical exercise in the morning in order to get good sleep at night.  Exercising makes our body tired and fatigued and we get sound sleep at night. But care should be taken while doing exercises one should do light exercises before going to bed at night.
When one is not having sound sleep at night he should not take naps in the morning as it can further affect the sleep cycle. In the day time we should try to remain busy and alert. Try to sleep at night and remain active during the day.
Sleep at a fixed time at night, and get up at a fixed time in the morning. This schedule will make one feel light and active for the whole day.
Taking a warm bath at night also boosts the sleep of the human body. The person having insomnia or lesser sleep should avoid cold shower at night time.
Doing stretching exercises before sleeping is also very beneficial for inducing sleep at night. There are many types of books available in the market that tells various stretching exercises. In case one suffers from short of sleep these stretching exercises are really handy.
Intake of warm milk also promotes sleep, as it contains special amino acid the tryptophan. This tryptophan affects a chemical serotonin in our brain which results in sound sleep. Further intake of wheat bread along with milk doubles the amount of sleep on have during the night.

Avoid the consumption of caffeine at night as it is known to cause sleeplessness. Caffeine stimulates our nervous system and blocks the sleep.
Do not take alcohol as it disturbs the sleep cycle. Although alcohol induces sleep, but it results in faulty and disturbing sleep cycle. One suddenly wakes up from sleep early in the morning after taking alcohol at night.

Also avoid sleeping pills as these affects the sleeping pattern at night.
The room where we sleep should have the right temperature and should be calm and peaceful.  Noises also disturb the sleeping cycle. One finds it difficult to sleep in a noisy room. The humidity levels should also be kept favorable, as the room heater reduces the humidity levels of the room. Person sleeping in a less humid room fails to get sound sleep.

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How to get a Good Night’s Sleep
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