Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to Control Hunger

Everyone wants to live longer and healthier life. Problems like weight gain and obesity are a result of faulty lifestyle. People generally eat food stuffs that have higher fat contents in them. The result is many types of disorders in human beings and a waste of money.  We should eat a balanced and nutritious diet so as to remain healthy and fit. The important question for most of the people is to how to control hunger. We should take our breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. The diet we should eat should contain the following elements in it:

Good amount of vitamins and minerals
Right amount of fiber in it
Plenty amount of water
Sufficient amount of carbohydrates
Apart from food we should inhale fresh air and take right amount of sunlight in winter season. The food we eat gives our body energy in the form of calories. The food is broken into energy in our digestive system. And with the help of this energy we are able to work and do the important function of our body. What usually happens is that when a person is hungry he eats oily and fatty food stuff. This food stuff although contain energy but it get stored in our body in the form of fat. On the other hand food items like fresh fruits and vegetables contain lesser amount of calories but fulfill the carving for hunger. So the best advice is to eat fruits and vegetables instead of fatty food stuff.
Usually due to hunger human beings start consuming lots of food stuff, which results in obesity and weight gain. We should eat that food stuff which does not increase our weight but make our body fit and healthy. We should take a good amount of fiber in our diet as fiber boosts our digestive system and suppresses our hunger.
We should also do regular exercises, the exercise converts stored fats in blood sugar. This blood sugar is absorbed instantly into our body. So the energy requirement of our body is fulfilled and we do not feel hungry. We should eat that much food which meets the energy requirements of a human body. Eating too much or too less can cause a problem for our health.

The intake of water also decreases the appetite of our body. Water is a well known hunger suppressant. Water boosts the metabolism of the human body and is a vital part of human being’s body. In case one is feeling hungry he or she should take cabbage or other vegetables and fruits to meet the hunger.
Other alternative food is the pickles, the pickles meets the energy requirement of the human body. Care should be taken when we purchase pickles. There are pickles that contain artificial coloring in them to make them yellowish in appearance. We should purchase pickles that are free from artificial colors and chemicals in them. These colors and chemicals can affect our intestine and digestive system.

Taking an apple to meet hunger is also a good alternative for human beings. Apples contain vitamins and carbohydrates in them to meet the calorific demand of our body.

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How to Control Hunger
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