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Fun Homemade Facial Mask Recipes

People all over are trying to lead a more natural environmentally friendly lifestyle that is free of toxins and unknown chemicals. As a part of this many women are turning to more natural beauty products like homemade facials made from a variety of things that you probably have in your pantry. These facials are every bit as effective as those expensive chemical laden facials that women spend a fortune on at the spa, plus they are cheap, safe, and fun.
Here are some great homemade facial recipes for your delight.
The Honey Mask
Natural honey makes a great facial mask. Not only does honey have a variety of antiseptic qualities that help to make the face extra clean it also does a great job of cleaning out the pores. There is no special skill to creating a honey facial mask.  Simply get a jar of honey at your local market and smear it on your face. Let the honey set for about ten minutes and then gently remove all of the honey from your skin. You will be amazed at how much softer and plumper your skin will feel.
The Strawberry Lemon Mask
This yummy creation is a little more complicated than the honey mask but the smell is incredible. This mask is especially great for oily skin.
2 Egg Whites (these can be purchase pasteurized at the store)
1 TBSP of Lemon Juice

3 TSP of Honey
1 Cup of Strawberries
Take all of the ingredients and throw them in the blender until smooth. Then gently rub the mixture onto your face.  Let it sit for about ten minutes while you relax and enjoy the fresh citrusy aroma. After 10 minutes wash it off, make sure to get your face totally clean of any leftover mask. Your skin will thank you!
The Milk Mask
Milk is a great natural moisturizer and this mask is perfect for skin that is dry.
1 TSP Powdered Milk
1 TBSP Honey
1 TSP Aloe Vera Gel
2 Drops of Your Favorite Essential Oil

This is a traditional milk mask. There are a variety of different types of milk masks out there.  Some use cow milk and others use goat milk. All milk masks are known to be great for dry skin.  When you have this recipe put together (it will make enough for two) then rub it gently on your skin and let it set for 15 minutes to thoroughly absorb into the skin. Try placing some cucumbers on your eyes and laying back to relax while you enjoy this one. When the 15 minutes wash the facial mask off of your skin with lukewarm water. You will be amazed at how great your face feels.
There are a million different natural homemade face masks recipes out there. The primary ingredients are bananas, avocados, milk, oatmeal, and honey. Experiment on your own. There is no reason to be afraid. Try different smooth fruits and vegetables and see what effect they have on your skin. Anything that is safe for a smoothie is safe for your skin.

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Fun Homemade Facial Mask Recipes
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