Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Can’t Lose Weight - Have You Ever Tried

Gaining excess weight maybe something you never wanted, but it happened nonetheless. But what you must do instead of crying over spilt milk is to make a concerted effort to lose the weight you have gained without further delay. And if then you find that you simply cannot lose weight, you will be joining the thousands of overweight people who have the same complain. Before crying hoarse over the fact that you cannot lose weight, you need to ask yourself whether you have tried hard enough and in the right manner.
It’s easy to say that you cannot lose weight. But the fact remains that if you combine a nutritious yet calorie-controlled diet along with a well-planned workout regime, there is no way on earth that you will not lose weight. So, the fault probably lies with your effort. Perhaps you think, you are trying, but actually you are not!
Sometimes when you are substantially overweight, making small changes to your lifestyle or diet is not enough. So, you may have given up on frequent visits to fast-food joints (but the home-made brownies and turkey roasts are still there for you) and try to take the stairs instead of the elevator (which is all the exercise you do in the day), but is that enough? Certainly not!
If you brand these cosmetic changes to your diet and lifestyle, as your ‘effort’ to lose weight, then you should know that you are not trying at all! An actual attempt to lose weight should be a lot more than this.
You should:
Consult a dietitian to know exactly what you should eat, in order to consume no more calories than what your body needs. You have to discuss your specific goals so that the professional can easily understand what you want and chalk up a detailed diet plan containing food items, portion sizes and a calorie counts.
Stick to such a diet plan, come what may. Holiday season, parties, picnics and vacations should not derail your diet.

Consult a fitness trainer or hire a personal trainer. A fitness professional can understand your specific exercise needs and draw up a detailed routine of the workouts which will be the most beneficial for you. They will also help you understand each exercise and complete them in the right manner. You can workout at home, by buying equipments or simply join a gym. Do whatever, suits you, but get professional help when it comes to exercise.
Let go of all unhealthy habits, such as drinking and smoking, sleeping late, midnight snacking and all else that comes in the way of your health goals.

If you try hard enough, there is no way you cannot lose weight, unless you have specific health issues preventing you from losing weight. In that case you must seek medical advice and try to find out the best course of action. But if you are otherwise fit, the right exercise and diet, along with honesty and dedication on your part can help you achieve weight loss in due course of time.

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Can’t Lose Weight - Have You Ever Tried
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