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Best Age for Breast Augmentation

Girls are asking more often for breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries at younger and younger ages.  As a result, plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with adolescents.  Though breast augmentation surgery is not recommended for girls under 18 years old there is no law against it.  There are many things that young women seeking breast implants are not aware of.  Here are some factors to take into consideration before you decide to permanently augment your breasts in your teens or twenties.
Breast Development
Many girls continue to develop breasts into their twenties.  Many girls who feel that they need breast implants as young adolescents may not see the necessity anymore after they have finished developing.
More Operations
Many women falsely believe that breast augmentation surgery is a one stop solution for their breast size issues.  In actually breast augmentation surgery is a long and complicated process.  Most women need to have the operation repeated about once every eight to ten years.  If you decide to get a breast augmentation at a very young age you will face more operations in your lifetime.  These surgeries are very invasive and the recovery process is substantial.  In addition to this breast augmentation surgery is extremely expensive and is not covered by insurance.
The longer you have implants the more likely complications are to arise.  Complications include pain and hardness in the breast, numb or desensitized nipples, and infections.  These complications are not uncommon and can be quite painful.  Complications involving the nerve endings in your nipples may be permanent, causing you to lose any and all sensation in the nipple, even if you opt to remove the implants.
May Interfere with Breastfeeding
Though most girls in their teens and early twenties have never given a though to breastfeeding it is the best nutrition that a mother can provide for her child.  In addition to being filled with disease fighting antibodies and far more nutritious than even the best formula, breast feeding is a vital part of bonding with children. Women who get breast augmentation surgery may have difficulty breast feeding or not be able to breastfeed at all.  Though it might not be important to you at this time in your life, breastfeeding may be very important to you later.
Unattractive Stretching of Tissue

Many women, who get breast implants early in life, later opt to remove their implants.  This can be for a variety of reasons including the desire to breast feed a child, health issues, or simply as a means of looking more professional. The removal of implants can be just as expensive as the cost of the initial breast augmentation surgery and it is unlikely that this surgery will be covered by insurance.
Aside from being expensive there is another downside to removing breast implants.  The skin left behind has been stretched out by the augmentation and is often left very saggy and “empty” in appearance.  This leaves women who have not only suffered through a great deal of pain but also spent tens of thousands of dollars with breasts that are far less attractive than they were before surgery.

The truth is that there is no perfect age for breast augmentation surgery.  If you are looking for the best time to get breast augmentation surgery you should wait until you are in your mid-thirties at the youngest. This will mean fewer surgeries throughout your lifetime.  It also means that your breasts will have time to fully develop.  By the mid-thirties most women are also much more aware of what they want in life.

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Best Age for Breast Augmentation
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