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Home Remedies For Acne Scars

There are many different procedures you can follow for acne treatment for scars here are 3 you can do.
Acne is referred to a particular type of skin disease that affects almost 90% of the boys and girls on reaching adolescence. A lot of people get rid of acne with no consequent effects on the skin and do not have to worry about acne treatment for scars, while many others may contract disfiguring scars on the affected skin. Of many types of skin scars, the most common one is ice pick scar which leave unsightly marks with deep edges and steep sides. We are going to discuss acne treatment for scars for ice pick scars by discussing both preventive as well as curative measures.
Prevention from Acne Scars
Avoiding acne is tantamount to avoiding acne scars. But the question is how to avoid skin acne. It is very simple. Acne comes as a result of clogged skin pores, excessive oil production by sebaceous glands and the accumulation of bacteria in the dermis layer of the skin. So you have to keep your pores open, accumulation of oil decreased and bacteria at bay. Eating and drinking habits, exercise routine, rest schedule and proper cleansing of the skin-all play important role in preventing your skin from acne.
Different Methods of Acne Treatment for Scars
1. Apply Topical Creams
The easiest method is to apply topical creams on the inflicted skin to remove acne scars. The creams having Retin-A and alpha hydroxyl acid not only improve acne but also stir up the formation of new collagen in order to heal acne scarring. Since the retinoid peels and alpha hydroxyl help exfoliate dead skin cells, they pan out in shaping smooth and clear skin.
2. Dermal Fillers
Some types of acne scars like ice pick scars appear deeper than the surrounding skin. In this case, dermal fillers are injected into the scarred skin to bring it up and give a smoother and clear look. Of various dermal fillers some commonly used include bovine collagen, fat, human collagen, hyaluronic acid derivatives, and microspheres with collagen. Here it must be remembered that the result of dermal fillers does not last for longer period of time thus it is necessary to repeat injections after a specific bout of time.
3. Three Punch Techniques

Another way to treating ice pick scars is the use of punch techniques which are further divided into three different types. Basically, this treatment procedure aims at extracting the scarred skin tissues and refilling it with unaffected tissues. Punch Excision is the first technique which is employed by using a punch biopsy tool preceded by the application of local anesthesia. The dermatologist uses this tool in acne treatment for scars to remove the scar and its adjoining edges. After removing scars, the left over skin is stitched up together so that it gets healed on its own. However, some scars are left on the skin as a result of punch excision but they last only for a shorter period of time and fade away on their own.
Punch excision with skin grafting is the second technique of acne treatment for scars in which the same excision tool is used. But instead of stitching up the skin, it is filled with skin grafts taken from the patient’s own skin, usually from the back of ear. This technique gives quick results with minimum risk of side-effects.

Punch elevation, the third punch technique, is useful for deeper boxcar acne scars. The same biopsy tool is used but rather than grafting or stitching the deeper skin, it is elevated and reattached to the surface skin. As a result the skin becomes even and smooth.

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Home Remedies For Acne Scars
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