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7 Different Ways to Treat Back Acne

Are you struggling with back acne as well?
While most people are familiar with acne on the face, acne can affect any part of the body that has oil-secreting glands. This can include the back, chest and the shoulders. Many people find back acne to be especially troublesome. It can also be difficult as this area of the body is difficult to reach.
Luckily, there are a few ways to treat and prevent this and these tips can help to drastically decrease breakouts:
Tip 1
The best way to treat acne on the back is to prevent it. Look at any skin care products to see if they are oil-based. Many lotions contain oil which can contribute to back acne. Sunscreens also use oil as a base and can lead to oily buildup the back and shoulders. Look for products that are labeled non-comedogenic which will not lead to any acne. It may be necessary to use a facial moisturizer on your back and shoulders since facial products are usually oil-free. Usually if a product is labeled lightweight, this means that it is free of oil.
Tip 2
Avoid pressure on your back and shoulders. If it is common to wear a backpack or sports equipment, this pressure can lead to a buildup on oil, causing acne in this area. The combined pressure and friction will trigger acne breakouts and can be difficult to control. The best way to treat this type of acne is to wear a clean t-shirt underneath any sports equipment. This will reduce friction in the back area. It possible, avoid pressure in this area, but this may not be possible during sports season.
Tip 3
There are also medications which can help to keep the back clean. Try using a facial cleanser on the back to deal with breakouts. Certain ingredients are safe to use and can promote healthier, clearer skin. Look for cleansers that have ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, and sulfur. These ingredients help to decrease sebum and dirt and users will have noticeably clearer skin with consistent use. Make sure to try a product for at least two weeks to determine if it is effective.
Tip 4
Keep your hair clean and off of your shoulders. Healthy hair contains oils to keep it smooth, but these oils are easily transferred to the skin. If you have longer hair which is worn down frequently, it may be contributing to back acne breakouts. Ensure that your hair is kept clean by washing it every day or every other day. Try to keep hair off of your shoulders when wearing a bathing suit or a shirt where your back is exposed also.
Tip 5
Avoid skin exposure. When exposed to sun, the UV rays work to dry out the skin. This leads to an overproduction of sebum by oil glands, which then causes acne breakouts. Avoid these breakouts by wearing an oil-free sunscrean on your back and shoulders. Also, consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat while at the beach or pool. These small steps can drastically decrease back acne and improve skin tone and clarity.

Tip 6
Avoid greasy foods. Diet plays a huge role in acne breakouts and can contribute to healthy or unhealthy skin. Foods that are high in water such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and most fruits and vegetables will help to keep skin hydrated and decrease breakouts. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a great source of antioxidants which help to keep skin young and blemish-free. Avoid foods that are excessively greasy like pizza, or try to eat these in moderation.
Tip 7
Consider if stress may be causing breakouts. Stress can lead to breakouts on the face or back and can be difficult to control. In these cases, it may be necessary to use a prescription medication to help control acne breakouts. If you notice that your acne is worse during times of stress, talk to a dermatologist about possible solutions and treatment options.

Back acne may seem difficult to treat and prevent, but there are several methods to prevent breakouts. By taking the time to use these tips, individuals can decrease and prevent back and shoulder acne with a few simple lifestyle changes. In some rare cases, it may be necessary to see a dermatologist, but use these tips first as they are effective most of the time.

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7 Different Ways to Treat Back Acne
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