Tuesday, February 9, 2016

10 Ways How Not To Lose Weight

Weight loss must be at the top of your mind when you are overweight or obese. But this does not mean that you must throw caution to the wind in order to achieve the desired weight loss results quickly. But the question is how do you know which weight loss methods are improper? Well, you have come to the right place because if you keep reading you will find out 10 ways which are definitely NOT right for losing weight.
All these ways of losing weight may be followed by more than one person today, simply because people are often misled when it comes to weight loss, partly due to their urgency and haste. So, you must make it a point not to adopt the following ways in order to lose weight:
1. Methods which can induce bulimia. There are some specific diets and techniques such as forced vomiting which can lead to bulimia. Use of laxatives and diuretics fall in the same category and can be really harmful for your body. Losing weight is not so important that you will put your life on the line!
2. Crash diets or yoyo diets. Crash diets are basically an alternate name for starvation. These can cause serious malnutrition in the body and you will find little or no energy to carry on with day to day activities if you are on one of these diets. Moreover, they can ultimately lead to hospitalization if it’s not already too late!
3. Surgical fat loss methods. It is true that modern medical science can allow you to lose fat via surgery. But is it worth a try? Perhaps not, if you consider the risks and side effects which are part and parcel of these surgeries. Surgery may be an option only when diet and exercise is not doing the job for you (which is highly unlikely) and your weight is getting out of bounds. But do give proper thought to these life-changing surgeries if you must undergo them.
4. Fat burning drugs. Over the ages fat burning drugs have been the dieter’s best friend or at least this is what people wanting to lose weight think. But in reality most of these fat burning supplements have side effects for which they have been withdrawn from the market.
5. Drugs which suppress appetite. These drugs have also been used by many weight loss hopefuls, but most have paid the price because these drugs can damage your health greatly.
6. Fad dieting. These diets are promoted as the next best thing since sliced bread, on the internet. While very few of them work, there are quite a few which may be unsafe for you.
7. Psychological techniques such as hypnosis. Despite the clamor about weight loss induced by hypnosis, there is no scientific evidence that this method actually works.
8. Going flat out. If you are too harsh on yourself whether at the gym or at the dinner table, you will never be able to achieve weight loss.
9. Exercise without proper diet. Exercise alone cannot help you lose weight, though this is what some people profess.
10. Taking it as a duty rather than a challenge. Remember that weight loss is not a chore; it is an objective you want to achieve for your own good!

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10 Ways How Not To Lose Weight
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